Pay only for Performance

For your campaign to start, you have to set your bids for the available product categories. The bid is the amount of money that a store is willing to pay when a user clicks on one of its products. The cost of a click is also known as Cost-per-Click (CPC).

With the ShopMania system, you only pay when a user clicks on your product and is taken to the corresponding product page on your site.

Higher bids will increase your products' ranking in the category listings and searches. That means that your products will be displayed in front of other similar products, offered by your competitors and that your shop will receive more qualified traffic.

The table below shows the minimum Costs-per-Click (bids) for each category in the ShopMania system. In order to activate your campaign on ShopMania, you have to set your bids to values that are at least equal to the ones presented in the table.

CPC listing only
Top level category Pricing (Cost-per-click Minimum)
  3D Multimedia Equipment R0.55
  Accessories R0.55 - R0.75
  Accessories R0.55 - R0.85
  Adult R0.55
  Advertising Products R0.55
  Air Compressors & Accessories R0.80
  Air Conditioners R0.75
  Air Purifiers R0.75
  Albums R0.55
  Alcoholic Drinks R0.55
  All-In-Ones R0.85
  Anti-burglary systems R0.55
  Antiques R0.55
  Aquarium Supplies R0.55
  Art, Hobbies & Collectibles R0.55
  Athletics R0.55
  ATV, Quad & Accessories R0.55
  Audio / DJ Equipment R0.65
  Audio / Video Accessories R0.65
  Audio / Video Entertainment R0.55 - R0.85
  Audio / Video Equipment R0.55
  Audio Systems R0.75
  Auto Accessories R0.55
  Auto Electronics R0.55 - R0.65
  Auto Parts R0.55
  Automotive R0.55 - R0.75
  Baby & Children Apparel R0.65
  Baby & Kids R0.55
  Baby gear R0.55
  Backup R0.55
  Bags & Backpacks CPC listing only R0.65
  Baptism and Christening Objects R0.55
  Barcode readers & Accessories R0.55
  Barebone R0.55
  Baseball & Softball R0.55
  Basketball R0.55
  Bath & Body R0.55
  Batteries R0.55
  Beach & Pool R0.55
  Belts CPC listing only R0.55
  Beverage Refrigerators R0.75
  Bicycles CPC listing only R0.14
  Bikes & Accessories CPC listing only R0.55
  Billiards & Snooker R0.55
  Blank Media R0.55
  Board Games R0.55
  Boats & Accessories R0.55
  Body Art R0.55
  Boilers R0.75
  Books R0.55
  Boxing & Martial Arts R0.55
  Bread Makers R0.75
  Bricolage R0.55 - R0.80
  Building Equipment R0.80
  Building supplies R0.55
  Business Telephone Systems and Robots R0.55
  Cables & Adapters R0.55
  Calculators R0.55
  Camcorders CPC listing only R0.85
  Cameras R0.55 - R0.85
  Camping R0.55
  Car Kits R0.65
  Card Readers R0.65
  CarPC R0.55
  Cars R0.75
  Cases and Power Supplies R0.65
  Cassette Decks R0.55
  CD Players R0.55
  Chest Freezers R0.75
  Christmas Items & Decorations R0.55
  Cleaning Equipment R0.80
  Cleaning Supplies R0.55
  Climbing R0.55
  Clothes Dryers R0.75
  Clothing & Accessories R0.55 - R0.85
  Coffee Makers & Grinders CPC listing only R0.55
  Collectibles R0.55
  Comfort R0.55 - R0.75
  Communication R0.55 - R0.75
  Components R0.55 - R0.85
  Computer Systems R0.55 - R0.95
  Computers R0.55 - R0.95
  Consoles R0.55
  Consumables R0.65
  Contract & Prepay Mobile Phones R0.55
  Convection Heaters R0.75
  Cooling bags R0.55
  Cooling Fans R0.55
  Copiers R0.85
  CPU's R0.85
  Crafts R0.55
  Cricket R0.55
  Darts R0.55
  Dehumidifiers R0.75
  Design R0.65
  Desktops R0.65
  Digital Camera and Camcorder Accessories CPC listing only R0.55
  Digital Cameras R0.85
  Digital Photo Frames R0.75
  Digitizing Tablets R0.65
  Dishwashers R0.55
  Display refrigerators R0.75
  Dolls CPC listing only R0.14
  DVD & Blu-Ray Players R0.55
  DVDs R0.55
  DVDs & Music R0.55
  eBook Readers & Accessories R0.85
  Education Software R0.55
  Electric Kettles CPC listing only R0.75
  Electrical & Electronic components R0.55
  Electronic Cigarettes & Accessories R0.55
  Electronic Dictionaries & Translators R0.55
  Electronics R0.55 - R0.85
  Epilators R0.55
  Esoteric and Occult Products R0.55
  External Memory R0.65
  Fan Heaters R0.75
  Fan Shop R0.55
  Fans R0.75
  Feeding R0.55
  Fire protection equipment R0.55
  Firewalls R0.55
  Fishing R0.55
  Fitness CPC listing only R0.55
  Floppy Drives R0.55
  Flowers R0.55
  Food R0.55
  Food & Beverages R0.55
  Food Grinders & Mills R0.75
  Food Processors R0.55
  Food Steamers R0.75
  Football R0.55
  Fragrance R0.55
  Fryers R0.55
  Funeral Supplies R0.55
  Furniture R0.55
  Gadget R0.75
  Games R0.55
  Games & Toys CPC listing only R0.14 - R0.55
  Gaming Accessories R0.55
  Garden & Outdoors R0.55
  Generators R0.80
  Gifts R0.55
  Golf R0.55
  GPS Accessories R0.55
  GPS Receivers R0.65
  Graphic Cards R0.85
  Grills R0.55
  Hair Care R0.55
  Handbags & Wallets CPC listing only R0.55
  Handball R0.55
  Handhelds & Players R0.75
  Hard Drives R0.95
  Hats and gloves CPC listing only R0.55
  Headphones R0.65
  Health & Beauty R0.55
  Health & Safety R0.55
  Heaters CPC listing only R0.75
  Hobs R0.55
  Hockey & Ice Skating R0.55
  Home & Garden R0.55 - R0.80
  Home Appliances R0.55 - R0.75
  Home Appliances Accessories R0.55
  Home Cinema R0.85
  Home Decor R0.55
  Home Entertainment R0.85
  Home Improvement R0.55
  Homewear R0.55
  Hoods R0.75
  Horeca Products R0.55
  Hubs R0.55
  Humidifiers R0.75
  Hunting R0.55
  Hydronic Heating Systems R0.75
  Ice Cream Makers R0.75
  Industrial Gear R0.55
  Irons R0.55
  IT services R0.55
  Jewelry CPC listing only R0.85
  Juicers R0.55
  Keyboards & Mice R0.65
  Kitchen & Dining R0.55
  Kitchen Appliances R0.55 - R0.75
  Kitchen Scales R0.75
  Large Appliances R0.55 - R0.75
  Lego CPC listing only R0.14
  Leisure & Fun R0.55
  Lift & Accessories R0.55
  Light Bulbs R0.55
  Lightning R0.55
  Magazines R0.55
  Make-up & Costumes CPC listing only R0.55
  Maternity Apparel R0.55
  Measuring & Layout Tools R0.80
  Medical Supplies R0.55
  Medicine R0.55
  Memory R0.85
  Men Apparel R0.55
  Men Cosmetics R0.55
  Men Footwear CPC listing only R0.55
  Men Lingerie R0.55
  Men's Clothing R0.55
  Microphones R0.55
  Microwaves R0.55
  Miscellaneous R0.65
  Mixers & blenders R0.55
  Mobile Phones R0.75
  Mobile Phones Accessories CPC listing only R0.75
  Mobility Aids and Disability Products R0.55
  Modems R0.65
  Monitors R0.95
  Motherboards R0.85
  Moto Accessories R0.55
  Motorcycle R0.55
  Mouse Accessories R0.55
  MP3 and MP4 Player Accessories R0.55
  MP3 and MP4 Players R0.75
  Multimedia Accessories R0.55 - R0.65
  Multimedia Equipment R0.55
  Music R0.55
  Musical Instruments R0.55
  Network Accessories R0.65
  Network Adapters R0.65
  Network Storage R0.55
  Non-alcoholic drinks R0.55
  Notebook Accessories R0.75
  Notebooks R0.95
  Office Equipment R0.75
  Office products R0.65
  Office software R0.65
  Operating systems R0.65
  Optical Drives R0.55
  Optical Supplies & Eyeglasses CPC listing only R0.55
  Optical Tools CPC listing only R0.55
  Other Accessories R0.55
  Other Appliances R0.55
  Other Comfort Appliances R0.55
  Other Equipment R0.55
  Other gifts R0.55
  Other Kitchen Appliances R0.55
  Other Small Appliances CPC listing only R0.55
  Other software R0.65
  Other Sports R0.55
  Others R0.55 - R0.75
  Outdoor Heating R0.80
  Outdoor Power Equipment R0.80
  Ovens R0.55
  Paintball & Airsoft R0.55
  Party Supplies R0.55
  PC Tuning R0.55
  PDA Accessories R0.55
  PDA's R0.75
  Peripherals R0.55 - R0.95
  Personal Care R0.55
  Pet Supply R0.55
  Pets R0.55
  Phones & Faxes R0.55
  Plumbing Accessories R0.70
  Plumbing Supplies R0.55
  Polo R0.55
  Portable Audio / Video R0.55 - R0.85
  Portable Cassette Decks R0.55
  Portable CD Players R0.55
  Portable Radios R0.55
  Portable Recorders R0.55
  POS Equipment R0.55
  Power Tool Accessories R0.70
  Power Tools R0.55
  Printer Accessories R0.55
  Printers R0.85
  Projector Accessories R0.55
  Pumps R0.80
  Puzzles CPC listing only R0.14
  Radar Detectors R0.55
  Radios R0.55
  Ranges R0.75
  Refrigerators R0.75
  Remote controllers R0.55
  Routers R0.65
  Rugby R0.55
  Rugs, Tapestry & Linens R0.55
  Safety Gear R0.55
  Scanner Accessories R0.55
  Scanners R0.85
  Scarves and wraps CPC listing only R0.55
  School Supplies R0.75
  Scooters CPC listing only R0.14
  Security R0.65
  Security R0.75
  Self Defence R0.55
  Server Accessories R0.55
  Server Software R0.55
  Servers R0.85
  Services R0.55
  Sewing Machines R0.55
  Shavers R0.55
  Skateboarding & Skating R0.55
  Slicers R0.75
  Small Personal Care Appliances R0.55
  Smartwatches R0.55
  Snowboarding & Ski R0.55
  Software R0.55 - R0.65
  Solar Panels & Accessories R0.55
  Sound Cards R0.75
  Speakers R0.65
  Sportswear R0.55
  SSD R0.95
  Sterilizers R0.75
  Storage & Media R0.55 - R0.95
  Stoves & Fireplaces R0.75
  Sun Glasses CPC listing only R0.55
  Supplies R0.55
  Supports R0.65
  Surge Suppressors R0.55
  Sweets & Chocolate R0.55
  Switches R0.85
  System Accessories R0.55
  Table tennis R0.55
  Tablet Accessories R0.65
  Tablets R0.95
  Televisions R0.85
  Tennis R0.55
  Tickets R0.75
  Toasters & Sandwich Makers R0.55
  Tobacco R0.55
  Tools R0.55
  Toys R0.55
  Trash Compactors & Disposers R0.75
  Travel R0.55
  Trikes CPC listing only R0.14
  Trinkets & Souvenirs R0.55
  TV Cards R0.55
  Two Way Radios R0.55
  Tyres R0.55
  UPS & Surge Suppressors R0.65
  Used and Reconditioned Goods R0.55
  Used components and peripherals R0.55
  Used computers R0.55
  Utility Vehicles R0.55
  Vacuum Cleaners CPC listing only R0.55
  Various Natural Products R0.55
  Video Equipment R0.65
  Video Projectors R0.85
  Vitamins & Supplements R0.55
  Volleyball R0.55
  Walkmans R0.55
  Warming and cooling drawers R0.55
  Warranty R0.55
  Washing Machines R0.75
  Watches CPC listing only R0.85
  Water Sports R0.55
  Weather Stations R0.55
  WebCams R0.85
  Wedding and Bridal Articles R0.55
  Welding & Soldering R0.80
  Wheels R0.55
  Wine Coolers R0.75
  Wines R0.55
  Wireless & Networking R0.55 - R0.85
  Wireless Networking R0.65
  Women Apparel R0.55 - R0.65
  Women Cosmetics R0.55
  Women Footwear CPC listing only R0.55
  Women's Clothing R0.55
  Women's Lingerie R0.65