Pay only for Performance

For your campaign to start, you have to set your bids for the available product categories. The bid is the amount of money that a store is willing to pay when a user clicks on one of its products. The cost of a click is also known as Cost-per-Click (CPC).

With the ShopMania system, you only pay when a user clicks on your product and is taken to the corresponding product page on your site.

Higher bids will increase your products' ranking in the category listings and searches. That means that your products will be displayed in front of other similar products, offered by your competitors and that your shop will receive more qualified traffic.

The table below shows the minimum Costs-per-Click (bids) for each category in the ShopMania system. In order to activate your campaign on ShopMania, you have to set your bids to values that are at least equal to the ones presented in the table.

CPC listing only
Top level category Pricing (Cost-per-click Minimum)
  Baby & Kids R0.55
  Books R0.55
  Computers R0.55 - R0.95
  Electronics R0.55 - R0.85
  Communication R0.55 - R0.75
  Clothing & Accessories R0.55 - R0.85
  Gifts R0.55
  Health & Beauty R0.55
  Home & Garden R0.55 - R0.80
  Home Appliances R0.55 - R0.75
  Others R0.55 - R0.75
  Food & Beverages R0.55
  Sportswear R0.55
  DVDs & Music R0.55
  Tobacco R0.55
  Automotive R0.55 - R0.75
  Travel R0.55
  Art, Hobbies & Collectibles R0.55
  Real Estate R0.55
  Leisure & Fun R0.55